e q u i n o x
b a l a n c i n g
a l t a r   


The Equinox is the balancing moment between light and dark, day and night, summer and winter. It is an ideal time to do this work, but you can do it at any time.


Choose Your Focus

You might feel your whole life is completely out of balance or it may be that just one or two things are imbalanced: too much time on work and not enough time for the soul, for example; or too much time alone, not enough engaged with others. Maybe there are several things you never seem to find time for, such as exercise or creativity. Or it may be a more fundamental balance you seek: you are all fire and wind with not enough earth, or your mind is too dominant and your heart neglected.


If you don’t have an altar already find a place to put one. It can be indoors (in a bookshelf is possible if you’re pushed for space) or outside. If you already have an altar give it a little refresh, move on old charms or spells or offerings, generally tidy and make room – a new spell is coming in!


Create an Altar for Balance

No two altars will look alike – yours should reflect the balance you seek.


Example 1:
For rebalancing internally


Example 2:
To call in an missing part of your life


Example 3:
To remedy an imbalanced life


You may spend time meditating on the altar. You might create a ritual around balance; setting up the altar with a simple chant, a clear intention, and even an action timeline, if appropriate. Stay with the imagery and intent until you can deeply feel both the imbalance and your commitment to creating a new balance.