Creating an Altar

from Aspecting the Goddess

Altars are a beautiful way to express devotion, focus our attention on the sacred and begin to create magic. If you are planning to work with a deity, creating an altar can help to make a space for them, in your awareness. As with all altars it may be set up for a specific time or its nature or focus may grow and change over time. Instead of creating a whole new altar you might make room on an existing altar, or maybe the altar you create will be very informal and transient, such as one built on the beach or hanging from a tree in your garden.

Altars can be worked with for many different purposes and easily might accompany dedication, aspecting or researching, as well as presencing a goddess. The distinctions we draw between these things are only guidelines, with no hard-and-fast rules; they allow us to think more clearly about our purpose when we approach a relationship with a deity. I have placed altars in this section as, by their very nature, they presence; they create a space or home for the deity even in our own absence, often in our house. An altar is an invitation for a deity to be present, with or without your immediate attention, once it is set up.

In some ways creating an altar is similar to making an attribute. Both involve physical construction and benefit by some thought, attention or research. I think one of the differences is that we make the attribute of a deity (but for ourselves) whereas the altar is actually for the deity. There is also the potential of continual – or periodic – change that exists with an altar; it is likely that an altar will be added to, change and develop over time. Perhaps you regularly create altars and need no instruction, or perhaps this will be your first one. There is not really a wrong way to make an altar, so let your instinct and creativity flow. The basic idea of an altar to a deity is that it is a way of communicating, a home place or touchstone for your relationship with them, so each altar will be unique, as that relationship is unique.

How to make an altar for a deity:
Closing your altar:
Experimenting with altars: