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2020 Calendar for Jane Meredith

February 14 - 17

San Jose, California
Jane is presenting a Dark Goddess Ritual at P'Con

March 1
Experiential Kabbalah - The Tree of Life

Distance Course - live, do it from anywhere
No experience required, runs over 10 months
Cost: $675, $575, $475

April 9 - 13
CloudCatcher WitchCamp

Jane is co-teaching a Path at CloudCatcher
Radical Relating with Tracey Cathcart

2019 Calendar for Jane Meredith

February 8
Introductory Evening to Kabbalah - The Tree of Life

Private house, Vacaville, CA, USA
7pm - 10pm. $20 pre-paid, $30 on the door

February 9 - 10
Journey to the Dark Goddess

Private house, Vacaville, CA, USA
2 day immersion into the realms of the Dark Goddess
10am - 5pm both days. 

Cost - $300, $230, $170 on a sliding scale. 

February 16 - 18

Jane is presenting several workshops at P'Con
Check out the program for more details

February 21 - 25
Winter WitchCamp

4 day magical intensive in the Reclaiming Tradition
Minneapolis, USA

March 10, over 10 months
Experiential Kabbalah - The Tree of Life 

Distance Course - live, do it from anywhere
No experience required
Cost: $675, $575, $475

March 17, over 3 months
Adventures in the Iron Pentacle

Core Reclaiming Class, with Gede Parma
Taught by distance, over 6 months

March 25
Re-Working the Motherline

with Jane Hardwicke Collings
Workshop 9am-5pm
Lennox Head, Northern NSW Aust.

April 26
The Spiral Dance Ritual

with Byron Reclaiming & Jane Meredith 
7pm $20/$10 - pay at the door
Mullumbimby Civic Hall, NSW Aust

April 27 - 28
The Art of Ritual: Skills for Effective Magic Making

Taught by Jane Meredith & Gede Parma
Mullumbimby NSW Aust

June 23
Rites of Passage - Call of the Piper

A Reclaiming Core Class - Distance Course
co-taught with Jarrah Staggard
Exploring skills of trance, story work & dreams

June 28 - 30
Journey to the Dark Goddess

A weekend workshop for women
In English & Italian
Bologna, Italy

July 5
Magic of the Elements

Evening talk & trance, 7pm - 10pm
Atlantis Bookshop, London

July 13
Magic of the Elements

Day workshop, 10am - 5pm
Atlantis Bookshop, London

July 30 - August 4
Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Jane is a key presenter at the Conference

July 30
Blodeuwedd - Goddess of Flowers

Workshop - Goddess Conference Fringe
Glastonbury, UK. 10am - 4pm

August 3
Invoking the Goddess

Afternoon workshop - Goddess Conference
- you can buy a ticket just for the workshop - 
Glastonbury, UK

September 22
Aspecting the Goddess
online course over 6 months
Choose any deity to work with
Monthly 2 hour calls, check-in calls
a secret Facebook group



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