New Year Tarot Reading: Tree Spread


Before beginning a Tarot reading it's always great to prepare. You might like to set up a cloth and light a candle, shuffle the cards thoroughly, and clear your mind with a few moments of breathing into stillness.


You may have a specific question to ask about the coming year, or you may wish to see what the cards have to say. When you are ready cut the cards and lay them out, face down.


Lay the cards out in the shape of a tree. The Root Cards spread out downwards at the base, the Trunk Cards in a vertical line touching or overlapping each other, the Branch Cards spread out from the trunk, and the Fruit Cards dot at different angles around the ends of the branches.


Lay out: 3 - 4 Root Cards, 3 Trunk Cards, 3 - 5 Branch Cards, and 5 Fruit Cards, in the pattern described above.


Read the cards in the following way:


Lastly look at the spread as a whole. Is it balanced - between Major, Minor, and Court cards? Between the suits? What are the strongest themes in the reading? If you work with elements, numbers, or astrology, how is that represented in your spread? What overall messages do you receive from this reading? How can you best nurture your Tree?


You might like to return to this spread later in the year, for a different perspective.