Jane Meredith


Jane Meredith is a writer and teacher who lives in Australia and works internationally.

Her books include the best selling Journey to the Dark Goddess, Aspecting the Goddess, Circle of Eight, and Elements of Magic. Jane's latest book is Falling Through the Tree of Life. Jane's books invite the reader into a world of magic, personal empowerment, and intimate relating with the divine. Experiential and hands-on, they include rituals, processes, and spells, as well as vivid explorations of the topic, and Jane's firsthand experiences and journeys with the material.

As a teacher Jane is known for her innovative and powerful work in myth, ritual, and the evocation of the divine. Her teaching encourages each person to explore the material for themselves, within a strongly held container of safety, curiosity, empowerment, and reverence for the sacred. She offers workshops and courses in Goddess work, the Reclaiming tradition, myth, ritual, the Kabbalah, and Tarot, many of them online.

Jane is also a Tarot reader and a Marriage Celebrant in Australia.

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